Workshop Benefits

 “This class opened my mind on how I need to be a good role model and actually how to do it!”

 “Eva is great! I learned a lot about how to communicate better with my child.”

“These classes were very helpful and interesting!”

“I felt like I took a lot of skills home!"

Teen Coaching

"I can’t say enough good things about Eva Dwight. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and sensitive. I am blessed with two beautiful teenage boys. My husband and I need guidance and effective parenting skills. We reached out to Eva. We scheduled a family meeting and it went very well. We left her office with a better understanding of our family dynamics and goals. I highly recommend Eva for personal life coaching and family therapy.  You will not be disappointed, she is brilliant!"

“You offered me the chance to express myself without feeling judged, so I could be honest about my challenges and find strategies for managing them better.”

“After working with you for 8 weeks, my daughter got her 3rd marking period report and to our delight, all her grades went up considerably! Yesterday, I had parent/teacher conferences and all her teachers were so impressed with how well she is doing. Her confidence in class has clearly grown. She is raising her hand and contributing more and actually paying attention in class! We are so excited about this growth in her and I have to say that this has all come around since she has been working with you. I am so glad we found you, it has been a great experience for my daughter!”

“Coaching has given me new insights into myself that have improved my attitude towards myself, my schoolwork, and has helped with my relationships with my friends and family who mean the world to me.”

“I’ve realized how much my anxiety affects me. I always knew I tended to be more stressed than my peers but before working with you, I didn’t realize how the stress touched every part of my life or how it changed how I would act with others.”

“I have been less socially awkward so I have made many friends since starting with Eva.”

“Now that I can recognize earlier when I start to become stressed, I’m able to consciously decide what I need to do to deal with it in the best way. I need to remember that the stress will always be a part of my life, but I have the tools to deal with it.”

“You listened to me as well as helped me. I found you very easy to talk to so I had no trouble telling you everything.”

“It was helpful that you had our son come up with strategies that he thought would be helpful. He seemed to have more confidence in approaching his peers and teachers and he interacted with us better when we tried to talk with him.”

Parent Coaching

“The benefit we have received as a family after just one coaching session has been more than I expected. Having created a simple plan with realistic goals has worked wonders in reducing the stress level in the family and allowed all of us the opportunity to be kinder, more understanding and in the end , much more successful than what we were doing before. There are no magic bullets but having my plan in place and the commitment to stay with it has made a huge difference in my parenting. Thank you for all your support.”

Marriage Coaching

“My husband and I were having a hard time connecting on almost anything at all, due to a traumatic event we went through. We went to Eva for help with a plan to reconnect. We gained more and more of a clear plan to do just that with each session. We since have started laughing together again, and can see eye to eye on a lot more now. Thank you, Eva, we are forever grateful to you for your help with helping us find a fresh start.”

Parenting Partners Workshops

“This class provided so much more than just a parenting book. The discussions with Eva and other parents were just what I needed to practice my new skills.”

“Eva has shared an abundance of knowledge and teaches with an insightful strategy. Every week I was able to use a new strategy or tool that has helped me better grow my parenting skills, understand my children, and recognize areas of improvement in myself.”

“This class was so fun and informative! I highly recommend it to parents!”

“The main reason I would recommend this class to someone else, is because I gained great information and skills on the topic of the Four Mistaken Goals. I now understand my children better and how I can assist each child with each different personality.”

“I’m walking away with optimism and a positive insight for me and my daughter’s future!”

“Parenting Partners makes me think more about HOW I am parenting. I’m tired, grumpy, hungry, needing a break, but parenting goes on 24/7. I need to be the best I can at this, as this matters more than anything else. This group helps me remember my parenting goals and reminds me I’m not alone in parenting challenges.”

Personal Coaching

“I see a counselor, in addition to working with Eva, and my counselor is helpful, but when I work with Eva for life coaching, I walk away with more real, practical strategies for managing my stress and anxiety. So in many ways, I’ve found coaching to be much more helpful than counseling.”

“My coaching sessions have been like a life raft has been thrown to me. It has helped me to take the step to the next level in my life. The questions that Eva asks me are very thought provoking and they cause me to look inwardly and see exactly what emotions I am experiencing. I am so grateful for this experience!”

“I am — at 45 — learning I have a lot to work on and that is ok. I am growing as a mother, as a partner, a daughter, sister and friend. Thank you so much for being so insightful, honest, direct yet compassionate, and for guiding the conversation, and giving me tools to communicate more effectively.”