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Two years and 10 months. That’s the age at which my son finally mastered potty training. That doesn’t sound too bad until I tell you that I started trying to get him to use the potty when he turned 2.

Sometimes, parents and teachers get so caught up in the seriousness of a mistake and how it needs to be corrected, that we leave kids’ goodness out of the discussion.

No one said parenting would be easy. Despite its rewards, it can be stressful and scary. Being responsible for the education and well-being of another person is a huge task. But what if you’re a single parent? 

According to Jaci Russo, founder of Social Nation U, I’m a technology immigrant and my children are technology natives.

In other words, I’m of a generation that remembers life before we had computers and digital technology at our fingertips every waking moment. My kids, who are in their early 20’s, never knew life without computers.

“Kids today are so entitled!” Parents throw up their hands and roll their eyes, as if they have no influence on their children’s expectations for what the world owes them.

Older son got married a month ago and we moved him and his wife to Denver last weekend. He cleaned out his closet one last time, and it’s REALLY EMPTY!

It’s a tough world out there. When a child has been the target of unkind words or behavior, it’s easy for parents to jump straight into protective mode.

When children believe they’re capable, they’re more willing to challenge themselves, to try something new, to even fail several times but persistently keep at a task until they get it right.

Older son is getting married in three weeks. I’m feeling increasingly sentimental as the date approaches, flashing through childhood memories preserved in photos, astounded at how 22 years can have passed so very quickly.

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