FREE!  Through Mesa Public Schools’ Parent University! 

All workshops are at the Shepherd Jr. High Media Center
1407 N. Alta Mesa Dr. in Mesa
TUESDAYS from 6:30 – 8:30 PM
To register, contact Eva Dwight at 480.363.7686 or 
In this series of workshops, parents will learn skills for raising teens who are responsible, respectful, and resilient!
Each workshop is set up as an individual class, so parents can attend the ones that work best for their schedule.
Come with challenges–leave with great tools for your parenting tool belt!

All parents are welcome, no matter where you live or where your children go to school!

September 13th: Teens who are respectful…who don’t bicker or talk back…who follow directions…who do their homework…AND THEIR CHORES!…who are fun to spend time with….IN YOUR DREAMS, RIGHT?  NO-IT’S POSSIBLE! COME FIND OUT HOW!

September 20th: Parents, are you tired of nagging your teen to follow through with chores, homework, and other responsibilities? Learn strategies for teaching your child to follow through, managing disrespect and backtalk, and–most important–building a positive relationship with your teen.

September 27thIs your child underperforming at school or misbehaving at home? You ask them why and the answer is, “I don’t know.” You ground them but it doesn’t do much good. Learn to go beyond consequences to problem solving, and guide your teen toward better behaviors that will lead them to success, and you to more joyful parenting!
October 4th:

Remember the adults in the Charlie Brown specials? Do you ever feel like one of those adults–all your teen seems to hear is, “Wah wah wah wah wah”? Learn more effective ways of communicating with your teen about tough topics–anything from homework to dating to drugs–and grow your connection by listening to their words…so they will listen to yours.