Counseling/Therapy frequently focuses on the past: what caused you to be who you are/where you are in your life? How does the past keep influencing your present and future? It also might focus on healing from past emotional trauma. Coaching is forward focused. We look at where you are, where you want to be, and what is creating the gap in between. We work as a team to develop the strategies that are most likely to move you forward. If you’re already working with a therapist, coaching can help you translate the epiphanies you experience in counseling, into strategies for forward movement.
I am not a licensed therapist, nor am I a medical professional so I do not diagnose mental disorders. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and a life coach certification. I do work with clients who have been diagnosed with depression, ADHD, and other challenges. These clients have found coaching to be a very helpful part of their treatment plan because it is action-oriented and it helps them break down goals into individual steps that are manageable. When they see the progress they have made, they are motivated to keep moving forward.
That depends on the client. Most find that scheduling appointments about two weeks apart gives them time to practice their new strategies and “do their homework,” while still maintaining accountability for following through. Some clients prefer to meet for 30 minutes—others like to have an entire hour. As the client, you know what is best for you, so you get to determine the length and frequency of meetings.
If your children are under 10 years of age, I will only work with you, the parent, on strategies for managing your child’s challenging behaviors and deepening your family connection. If your children are older than 10, I will ask to meet with you for four sessions before bringing your children in for family sessions. This enables us to establish some foundational principles for effective parenting and start you working on some strategies with your children. Once we have completed those four sessions, we will set up a plan for family coaching that includes your children.
I ask parents to come to the initial consultation so that you and your teen can both meet me and determine whether I am someone your child is willing to work with. After that, your child can determine whether he/she wants you present during our sessions. If your child chooses to work with me without you present, I will maintain a confidential relationship with him/her, but we will always include you when your support is needed to help your child practice new strategies and thinking patterns.
No, but I will work with you and your partner to establish how your beliefs and values impact your relationship. I am a non-judgmental partner in helping you and your partner create a respectful, loving marriage that will stand the test of time.
Life coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change: facilitating movement from a current state to a more desired state.
Awareness: Through coaching, you will become much more aware of where you are in relation to your defined goals. You will attain greater clarity about what you really, really want, and what’s important about that for you. You will define how to move toward your goals, identify resources to support you, and strategies for moving past obstacles. Choice: As you develop this greater awareness, you will likely realize that you have an expanded set of choices to consider, and greater clarity in determining what choices are best for you. Self Trust: As you identify and really own all of your resources, and begin to make choices based on your full potential, you will likely notice an increase in your level of self-trust. Trusting yourself provides you with a foundation of courage that can lead you to take on challenges and use your strengths to create the life that you want for yourself. As your coach, I will assist you in growing your awareness, choice and self-trust so that you feel supported as you take concrete, strategic action toward the goals that are important to you.