Parent Coaching, Couples Coaching and Personal Coaching for adults, children and teens.

Parenting Workshops

These workshops are designed for parents who are struggling with their family relationships, or who would like to take their parenting experience from GOOD to GREAT! I want you to feel supported by giving you tools and resources for managing the very tough job of raising children.Each workshop will include:
*opportunities for parents to share their challenges with the group (these challenges can be related to the evening’s topic/theme, but don’t have to be)
*brainstorming possible strategies for managing those challenges
*opportunities to practice the new strategy
*activities that engage parents in learning and problem solving

Upcoming Classes

Teen Coaching

Coaching Testimonial

“Eva has shared an abundance of knowledge and teaches with an insightful strategy.  Every week I was able to use a new strategy or tool that has helped me better grow my parenting skills, understand my children, and recognize areas of improvement in myself.”
“This class was so fun and informative!  I highly recommend it to parents!”

Parenting Workshops

Workshop Testimonial

“After working with you for 8 weeks, my daughter got her 3rd marking period report and to our delight, all her grades went up considerably! Yesterday, I had parent/teacher conferences and all her teachers were so impressed with how well she is doing. Her confidence in class has clearly grown. She is raising her hand and contributing more and actually paying attention in class! We are so excited about this growth in her and I have to say that this has all come around since she has been working with you. I am so glad we found you, it has been a great experience for my daughter!”

Relationship Coaching

Client Testimonial

“I am — at 45 — learning I have a lot to work on and that is ok. I am growing as a mother, as a partner, a daughter, sister and friend. Thank you so much for being so insightful, honest, direct yet compassionate, and for guiding the conversation, and giving me tools to communicate more effectively.”